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Pressed Flower Art is an age old tradition and worthy to be described as an genuine art form.  Sadly, it is not recognised globally as an art.

An alternative way of creating art from the wild or from our own planted gardens, Pressed Flower Art is as artistic and creative as any other form of art, often taking at least the same amount of time, if not longer to create.

Pressed Flower Art is a medium to create anything from key rings, fridge magnets, bookmarks, greeting cards, desk and wall art, wedding keepsakes, funeral memorial keepsakes, jewelry etc.

Pressed Flower Cards and Framed Art.                        

Wild Bush Flowers and Garden Flowers.Wattle Tree, Kangaroo Drawing and Grevilla.   Australian Native Flora & Fauna.

Pink Wild Flowers & Buds, Leaves and Stems with White Alyssum.  Found abundantly and freely in S/W WA.

Flowers From My Garden:

Thrift, Snapdragon, Violas, Rose Buds and more.Dianthus, Thrift, Snapdragon, Violas and more.Rosebud, Snapdragon, Violas and more.                                                                                                         

More Framed Art:

Romancing The Rose.  Folded Roses, Alysum and leaves.                          For Heather as she helps many to 'breathe easier'.  

 Romancing the Rose. Pressed Flowers and Verse – Success.



The last piece of Framed Art and Verse is dedicated to Heather as she has not only made me ‘breathe easier’ but many others here at Soul Food Cafe.

Her encouragement and support makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.  As I once wrote of her, ‘she has many diamonds in her crown’.

My first love of writing is still with me and I now include writing about my love and passion for nature, gardening, herbs and flowers.

More of my writing and Pressed Flower Art can been seen at:

Here I write about how to Press Flowers and create Pressed Flower Art/cards, Children’s stories and will include Herbs and Herbal Crafts and Gardening soon.

I also now have a website where my creations are available for sale:

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©T.Seed 2009.

Does anyone remember endlessly playing with “Fuzzy Felt”

as a child?

Here is a wonderful wild garden animation made of Fuzzy Felt on

You Tube.  Enjoy!

(copyright Imogen Crest 2008.)

Having only started with web 2.0 over the last 5 months, I am really amazed at what a great resource it is for learning and teaching. A new enthausiasm has returned to both classroom teaching and the students themselves.

Students have really taken to blogging. They love going home at night, taking photos with their digital cameras, returning to school the next day and endless patience can be witnessed with the relatively tedious task of  resizing their photos and renaming them. In our school we have downloaded irfanview from This is a freeware program that is just wonderful for editing images and so easy to use. It will allow you to change the brightness and contrast, alter images completely, add titles, create panoramic shots for headers etc and most importantly, rename and resize photos. …….. And lots more.

Students need to be familiar with the needs of audiences and the various outputs that their photos might need to take. Any work on the internet, really needs to be downsized considerably to allow minimum download time. As some of our work is still used for printing, photos are still taken in high resolution form and bmp files. However, students need to rename files to jpg (or gif or tif) when using it in their blogs etc.

Photos can be stored at flikr or photobucket but some of these websites are now blocked at school. Storage space on our file server is now at a premium as more videos, photos, movies etc are being taken, manipulated and worked into digital content.

Online slideshows can add extra pizazz as well. We like as it is an online slideshow presentation that allows images, transitions and music in the final output. Images still speak a 1000 words and students with lower literacy skills can always say what they would like through images and some text. is a download that looks really interesting and I am about to try that one with my classes. also appears to have value.

Students still really enjoy working with MS Photostory as it is so easy to use, quick to complete and gives them lots of options for motion plus music clips that can be used. These can be saved in email format and then uploaded to an online video website eg teacher tube and then either a link posted or code used to embed on their blog. I am also going to look into animoto. Our students are encouraged to create their own music using Acid 6.0 to avoid all copyright problems. Animoto allows the photos inserted to take on the beat of the music and seems to produce eyecacthing videos that look really professional.


In September, these giant sunflowers turned their faces to soak up the sun, bright yellows and greens. In October, after the first frost, this sunflower field looks a little wild. In another month or two, snow will cover all but the flower heads. Madison. Wisconsin, USA.

photographed by barbara © 2007

And So It Begins…


Here in Laramie, at 7200 feet of elevation, summer’s end comes early. Already the days grow cooler, and soon we will have our first frost and golden aspen and cottonwoods. You can already smell woodsmoke on the evening air, and folks are covering up their tomato plants or bringing in the ones growing in pots – they’ve only just had ripened fruit. We are enjoying the last days of true summer.




Fruits of the harvest – at last



A busy fellow – summer’s end doesn’t seem to  slow him down



Sunny daze – until the first frost



A fiery bowl full of flowers



But summer’s end is nearing



 And so it begins…


– She Wolf (c)2007


Tree of Life Mandala

Click HERE to see the full image

Lori Gloyd (c) 2007

Garden Meditation

“Garden Meditation”

Lori Gloyd (c) 2007

Digital Construction

Magic garden

written in response to a visual prompt provided in the Magic Garden project (


Seeking respite from the outside world I chanced upon this “garden” whose magic is there for all to see but which is only seen by those who have eyes to see it and who recognise that beauty lies all around us.


After listening to the story of the Magic Garden students visualized pages of a picture book and considered what a front cover should look like. They used Paint to create these digital representations of pages in a book called the Magic Garden.


Finding the Gold by William


The Birds by Kamal


The Door by Joseph


by Anthony


Jessica and company


by Matt


by Dylan


by Joshua


by Jamie



by Rebecca


After listening to Cora Zon tell the story of the Magic Garden and learning all about blogging with Global Student, Grade Six at Hawkesdale P-12 had art. Their teachers, Rebecca and Denise, set them up in small groups to complete the interpersonal activity outlined in the Magic Garden Project. Each group set about making a part of the magic garden .

Once the pieces were made they began to lay them out on the collaborative collage.




The sheer joy in the room as the final collage appeared, afer just one art session, was a sight to behold.



Now the class will be able to proudly show their parents their work, as being viewed on the world wide web at Global Teacher.