Some of the boys struggle with their spelling and literacy skills, but have been the first up with their blogs and they have got a great number of positive and encouraging comments that they are keen to continue writing and blogging. It is just so motivational for them.

Some would now love to ask questions from people who have commented on their blogs. Guess the best approach is to visit their blogging sites and ask via a comment. It would be good for their research and reading skills as well.

The whole blog has added another dimension to their volcanoes podcasting project and has given them info on volcanoes in the USA. It has just been so exciting and I guess we haven’t even ‘really started’ yet, even though it feels we have learnt just so much. I have another teacher at school who loves fungi and has many beautiful photos. Will get her to write for your wild garden as well. Anyway, Heather, thanks again and you help and linkage to all those sites has just been fabulous.

Once you have decided to establish a Wild Garden you need to become familiar with some free Web Tools that will enable you to present your garden in unique and distinctive ways. Apart from digital cameras, mobile phones, ipods and scanners there are plenty of programs available that will support your work

Tactile activities are very important. It is not being suggested that the web is the only enviroment to use. The bottom line is that the blog, which is the forum you will publish in, is simply the final stage of the production line, the point at which you make your work public.


This comprehensive Web 2.0 Calendar has been designed by Heather Blakey to encourage staff and students to experiment and learn about the new and emerging technologies that are reshaping the context of information on the Internet today. The objectives of this program are to encourage exploration of Web 2.0 and new technologies and to provide staff with new tools that will engage students. Work through this calendar and you will become familiar with blogging and learn how to make the most of the Global Teacher and Student network.

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