The Magic of Totem Animals

Tonight, on my personal blog, I posted a small piece on Totem Animals.  I was sent an e-mail from a special friend of mine about Totem Animals.  As I answered her question, it struck me that it would be something a lot of people would like to read about, so I am posting my response to her as well as a challenge to anyone interested.

How do I find out who/what my Totem Animal(s) are?

Your Totem animals find you.  Any animal that appears frequently either physically, or in dreams, or in a creative aspect are Messenger and/or Totem animals. 

For example, my three earliest Totem animals, in order are: Owl, Penguin, and Fish.  Since those were given to me they are definitely Totem animals, as is Bear, and Dragon.  I also have been blessed with Cat, Horse, and Camel Totem animals.

 barnowlchicks.jpgNow, Owl represents the ability to carry the Light into the Darkness and brighten it. 

 formaldresscode.jpgPenguin is a fascinating bird and Totem, for he symbolises the ability to move between the worlds of intellect (air) and intuition (water), since the Penguin ‘flies’ in the water, but he is still a bird, a creature of the air. 

 darth-vader-_3.jpgFish, lives in the realms of spirit, much like the astrological sign Pisces.

att00017.jpgBear is the symbol of the protective aspect of femininity, a la the old adage about coming between a mother bear and her cubs.

 jim-tag1.jpg The Dragon is a lizard that flies and breathes fire.  It symbolises ease of communication between mind, body, and passions

hpim0676a.jpgCat, our endearing, loveable and loving feline companions are representative of magic and mystery because of their contrary reputation. 

galloping_horses_1024.jpg Horse, that powerful, gentle and intelligent animal symbolises power, freedom, travel, and expansion. 

cam5.jpgLast but not least is the Camel, a fairly new Totem.  The Camel is a lovely symbol of endurance, and the ability to refresh oneself and go for long periods of time without needing more nourishment (reassurance, etc.).

Look for these signs to help you determine your Totem animals:

Are you drawn to images of them?

Have you been gifted with a nickname that is a particular animal?

Do they appear and reappear in your dreams and conscious mind?

Do you own images or effigies of a particular animal?

Once you have determined that a particular animal is your Totem, look into the details of that animal’s mythology and actions for clues as to what that Totem animal is trying to tell you.  If you see a particular animal over and over, look at the appearance of that animal. 

image005ma17938624-0008.jpgIE- you dream of a dog frequently, and it is the same dog.  A large, powerful, hunting dog, in its prime with glossy black fur and a gentle, loving disposition and he is always trotting beside you no matter where you go, even into places where one would not take a dog that isn’t a Service Animal.

I’ll let all of you come up with your own interpretations of what this dog is trying to tell you.

  1. Traveller

    How about this? There’s no place too dangerous or too nasty where I will not go to love and protect you at all times

  2. Nice one dear!!! That is a haunting and loving image for this Totem animal. Thank you sweetie.

  3. shewolfy728

    Gwen, what a fascinating post! Let’s see – I wonder if I can guess what one of my totem animals is….hmmmm…I wonder if it’s a wolf? 🙂

  4. My totem is the salmon…he came to me when I was in need and saved my life. Literally saved my life. I honor the salmon in every way possible and I thank him every day.


  5. I am drawn to images of horses and cats. I’ve never had much contact with horses although cats do hang out around me. I did have a stare-down with a pelican once and I had a recent encounter with a Japanese beetle. What do pelicans and beetles signify?

  6. Fabulous post, Gwen! I love the pictures and the words complementing each other and completing the mind image of each totem.

  7. Wonderful post Gwen. I am passionate about all animals.

  8. Love this post! Owls are particularly gorgeous!

  9. jodhiay

    A wonderful post, Gwen, and a helpful guide for the rest of us in thinking about our own totem animals/insects. Right off the top of my head, I know of at least four of my own: bears, cats, roosters and bees.

    That dog you write about at the end, he could mean so many things. Loyalty, companionship, protection. Maybe he’s a guide that helps during rough or confusing times, if that’s when he usually appears. Or maybe he just really wants his kibble!

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