Bee Blossom



Bee to the blossom; Moth to the flame;
Each to his passion; what’s in a name?
Helen Hunt Jackson



  1. I can’t tell, but I grow Bee Balm in my herb garden and they smell EXACTLY like honey.

    Wonderful picture brought back some great memories.

  2. Bee balm is new to me. It looks gorgeous Bo.

  3. Beautiful image to match beautiful words.

  4. New to me as well. Love learning about new things. It would smell fantastic, Anita Marie.

  5. shewolfy728

    This is a beautiful photograph!

  6. I must try this, it looks like a fun thing to do. Your picture is great.

    I often see things in pictures that are not really there, like in this one. At the top, just under where the seed comes together like a pull string purse, I see a tiny face which, when looking at the whole, transforms the seed into a tiny angel. Okay, so I’m seeing things and any time their going to be coming for me with a strait jacket in hand.


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